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Arland Bruce 3 Argos 0

September 8, 2009

Count Chocula’s team hasn’t won since Bruce booted out

Bart Andrus is still smiling, the Argos are still losing

Please ignore my previous post about Arland Bruce. I couldn’t stand the guy when he played for Toronto, but now that he’s in Hamilton I think he’s great. Not just because of his catches and his professionalism but because the double-blue scum haven’t won since Bart Andrus decided the Argos could do without the all-star receiver.

Last night, in the Argos’ fifth straight loss, the Ticats won the Labour Day Classic 34-15 and Bruce caught six passes for 115 yards. We didn’t get a groovy touchdown celebration but everything else went right for the exile and his new team.

As Bruce said after the victory, “I think that was probably the worst decision in football that’s ever been made”.

Now Bart and his bunch of superior professionals have to get ready for the rematch on Friday. The Bartman has to look at himself in the mirror. You are at the absolute bottom when Mike Kelly is a more successful CFL head coach than you.