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Sorry Mike, Bart is the worst CFL coach ever

November 8, 2009

Bart Andrus makes Mike Kelly look like a football genius over the course of a long season

Mike Kelly tried hard this season. Every dubious personnel decision (Stefan Lefors as a starting QB??!), every media rant, every spy scandal, and every early season loss of the Winnipeg Blue-Bombers made him look like the inevitable heir to the title. Yes, Mike you could have won the coveted Dave Beckman Award for the worst CFL coach ever.

Unfortunately, even if Mike is not necessarily sly as a fox, he was smart enough to change things around when it became clear his grand scheme was not working. He pulled the plug on the Lefors debacle. He brought in an occasionally competent CFL quarterback like Michael Bishop. He delegated some offensive responsibilities, including play-calling. The sudden improvement in the Blue-Bombers towards the final weeks of the season demonstrates that he put the team before his ego.

I’d like to thank the academy…

Bart Andrus did none of this. He let the Toronto Argonauts sink deeper and deeper into the mire, claiming that mediocrity could be seen at the end of the tunnel – if only he was allowed to carry through his 5 year plan.

Like Mike Kelly, he dispensed with an offensive co-ordinator. Unlike Mike, he stayed in place even as three quarterbacks and 659 receivers failed to demonstrate any vague resemblance of competence.

Bart preached discipline, expelling star players who didn’t live up to his celestial vision. Bart’s team then went on to lead the CFL in penalties.

The Argos’ season ended with a whimper as the Montreal Alouettes crushed Toronto 42-17. As of writing, the Blue-Bombers still have to beat or tie Hamilton to get in the playoffs but at least nobody has made a complete fool of themselves in Winnipeg (except maybe the coach on the radio).

Bart did make one team better this year – the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Thanks for trading us Arland Bruce III, Bart, we’ll send a card to your forwarding address!


Arland Bruce 3, Professionalism 0

July 24, 2009


Argo teammates mourn the end of Bruces CFL career

Argo teammates mourn the end of Bruce's CFL career

It looks like Arland “Preparation H” Bruce III’s days with the Toronto Argonauts are numbered. After his exploits in the end zone this season, most notable for his so-called tribute to Michael Jackson, the self-indisciplined receiver decided to attack his QB and new head coach in the press. Argo boss Bart “the vampire” Andrus provoked the outbust by leaving Bruce out of the lineup for the forthcoming clash of the CFL East titans in Winnipeg because of recent behaviour that called into question the player’s professionalism.

At least the Argos have something to distract the fans from their on-field incompetence.

Enjoy the professionalism of Arland Bruce:


So how long before the Ti-Cats make it to a Grey Cup?

November 25, 2008
Nice and Comfy

Nice and Comfy

Do you have any hope?

Another Grey Cup has passed and, consistent with the rest of the Bob Young era, the Hamilton Tiger-Cat football team was not involved. Of course, there were many former Ti-Cats on the field but that, as they used to say on the kid’s show with the guinea pigs, is another story…

The big question for Ti-Cats fans is when we will we have the chance to enjoy a Grey Cup as participants. Indeed, even an away playoff game would be nice.

So what do you think? Respond to our latest Tazeworld Ti-Cat poll:



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October 20, 2008

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