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Arland Bruce 3, Professionalism 0

July 24, 2009


Argo teammates mourn the end of Bruces CFL career

Argo teammates mourn the end of Bruce's CFL career

It looks like Arland “Preparation H” Bruce III’s days with the Toronto Argonauts are numbered. After his exploits in the end zone this season, most notable for his so-called tribute to Michael Jackson, the self-indisciplined receiver decided to attack his QB and new head coach in the press. Argo boss Bart “the vampire” Andrus provoked the outbust by leaving Bruce out of the lineup for the forthcoming clash of the CFL East titans in Winnipeg because of recent behaviour that called into question the player’s professionalism.

At least the Argos have something to distract the fans from their on-field incompetence.

Enjoy the professionalism of Arland Bruce:


Good job Obie!

April 3, 2009

Ti-Cats are starting to look like contenders in the CFL East

A great man, ever since he left Toronto

A great man, ever since he left Toronto

Yesterday’s signing of Offensive Tackle Dan Goodspeed in a complex three way trade is the latest improvement Bob O’Billovich has made to the Hamilton Tiger-Cat roster in recent weeks. Like the Kevin Glenn free agent signing, Obie seems to have taken advantage of novice Winnipeg GM Mike Kelly and improved a problem area at the expense of a divisonal rival. There’s no doubt that the offensive line was the most glaring defect in a mediocre squad last season. Now we have 2, count ’em 2, of Winnipeg’s starting tackles from 2008.

 Of course these player departures may all be part of Kelly’s big Blue-Bomber plan. Maybe he’s freeing up salary cap space to sign Ti-Cat reject Casey Printers…


So how long before the Ti-Cats make it to a Grey Cup?

November 25, 2008
Nice and Comfy

Nice and Comfy

Do you have any hope?

Another Grey Cup has passed and, consistent with the rest of the Bob Young era, the Hamilton Tiger-Cat football team was not involved. Of course, there were many former Ti-Cats on the field but that, as they used to say on the kid’s show with the guinea pigs, is another story…

The big question for Ti-Cats fans is when we will we have the chance to enjoy a Grey Cup as participants. Indeed, even an away playoff game would be nice.

So what do you think? Respond to our latest Tazeworld Ti-Cat poll:



Ti-Cats End Season

November 2, 2008

Casey Printers goes out with a whimper

At last it’s over. Another useless season. Only 3 wins.

A 44-30 loss to a Winnipeg team who couldn’t care less, using the meaningless match to try out the backups.

But we learned a few more things in this last game:

  1. 1. Casey Printers is done – I had been keeping the faith but couldn’t see anything positive today.
  2. 2. No team spirit – Casey took a cheap sideline shot and Cat players stood by and watched.
  3. Adam Tafralis – looked much better than Printers (but it was junk time in a meaningless game).
  4. We need an O-line – Do I need to explain?
  5. We need a serious upgrade on defence – coaching, pass rush, defensive backs.
  6. Hero tabs – the best sponsors CHML could get for the last broadcast of the season.