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Bottecchia on YouTube 8: Ghostbusters!

January 29, 2010

“Who you gonna call? …Bottecchia!”

Prepare to dance as Italian cycle shop presents the new 2010 Bottecchia Supernova with a soundtrack featuring Ray Parker Jr’s greatest and only hit. A song from the early 80s – just the thing to emphasize this bike’s allegedly cutting edge design. Maybe the ghost reference refers to the fading memories of Bottecchia’s illustrious past…

Enjoy the song



Bottecchia on Youtube 5: Get a life!

November 13, 2008

And you thought watching paint dry was boring

This is the closest Bottecchia has got to winning the Tour de France in years. Exult as you watch sad loser play pro-cycling simulation game. At least the grand finale is worth the 6 minute and 35 second wait.

Bottecchia wins (but will you be there to see it?)



Bottecchia on You Tube 1

June 9, 2008

Be amazed as super cool Italians proudly demonstrate the performance of their Bottecchia city-bike. It pedals, it goes around in a circle, and it stops. Fantastico!