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Bottecchia on YouTube 8: Ghostbusters!

January 29, 2010

“Who you gonna call? …Bottecchia!”

Prepare to dance as Italian cycle shop presents the new 2010 Bottecchia Supernova with a soundtrack featuring Ray Parker Jr’s greatest and only hit. A song from the early 80s – just the thing to emphasize this bike’s allegedly cutting edge design. Maybe the ghost reference refers to the fading memories of Bottecchia’s illustrious past…

Enjoy the song



Poll: Are you convinced by the 2009 Bottecchia range?

January 20, 2009

The new 2009 range is finally visible on the Bottecchia website. What do you think?


Legnano Bicycles 2: la vendetta

November 5, 2008

Legal battle over Bianchi’s rights to continue using the famous brand

An example of Bianchis Legnano production

An example of Bianchi's Legnano production

According to the Italian press, the Bozzi family is attempting to revoke Bianchi’s right to use the famous Legnano brand name and reassign to the new company Bicitaliana srl. The Eco di Bergamo reports that the family believes that their inheritance has been devalued under Bianchi’s use. Bianchi is fighting the attempt and has obtained an injunction from the Tribunale di Milano.

The injunction has stalled Bicitaliana’s plans to introduce a new line of Italian made Legnano bikes this week.

Free Legnano / Liberate Legnano

However, there are completely different new Legnano bikes on display this week at Bianchi’s stand at the Salone del Ciclo 2008 in Milan. In practice, although Legnano became famous for its use in road racing by the great Fausto Coppi, the current management of Bianchi has been using it for their cheapest models. Compare, for example, the low end specification of the only Legnano road bike currently available with the long list of Bianchi models. Even the cheapest Bianchi model is significantly more sophisticated.


Bottecchia on YouTube 4

August 29, 2008

The Neapolitan Bicyclery

“Don’t get any garbage caught in the spokes of your new mountain bike!”

I am still on holiday at the moment, enjoying life in the old country and trying out my dad’s new $84 (Canadian) Sportek bike from Zellers. After all the top mountain climbers at the Giro turned out to be doped – surprise! – I did not have much to say about pro cycling. Nonetheless, I had to break my silence when I saw this fantastic new promotional video on You tube for what must be the top “Bicyclery” in Naples. Thrill to the jerky camera movements, accompanied by the best mid 90s anarchist sounds, as the store proudly displays its ware. You can see why it was chosen to be an official Bottecchia dealer.

That’s amore


Bottecchia on You Tube 3: Beating a Dead Horse

July 27, 2008

“Did I mention that it has Dura Ace?”

Be impressed as cyclist from Hackney tries to convince you to buy his Bottecchia bike for only £1500 (mudguards not included). As he will point out numerous times in the space of under 2 minutes, there are Dura Ace components. Wow! However, it does seem to be one of the mysterious Bottecchia USA models…

I’m keeping the mudguards


Riccò out of the Tour!

July 17, 2008
Kiss him goodbye

Kiss him goodbye

Stopped by French Police at the Start of Stage 12

As is reporting, Riccardo Riccò is out of the Tour de France after new doping allegations.

A sad story for the rider, the entire professional category, and especially the cycling star system. I’m watching the stage on Italian tv at a bar in Cuneo right now and the commentators are shocked: “Whenever we begin to enjoy a rider…”

The only funny aspect is that, by leaving a big race like this, he has achieved his goal of following in the footsteps of Marco Pantani sooner than anyone thought.


Who’s Next?

June 19, 2008

The Tour de France is coming

and the excitement is building chez Taze.

Looks coolWith less than a month until the start of the most famous cycling race in the world, there is one question on the minds and lips of every enthusiast: who’s next? Yes, who’s going to be the next big name to get involved in a doping scandal. Sure they’ve done everything possible to clean up the sport (or so they say) but that doesn’t mean that we’re all not still waiting for the next shoe to drop. So here goes: make your suggestions in the comments section of this post and, although we really (and naively) hope that nothing will happen, we’ll see who’s right…

By the way, does anyone know where I can get this video game?


Bottecchia on You Tube 2: the revenge

June 11, 2008

When you care enough to get the very mediocre

Here, thanks to a bike obsessed Australian, we have 2 minutes and thirty-five seconds of detailed examination of a Bottecchia Top Sprinter BS200 with a Campagnolo Xenon group and lots of el-cheapo Bottecchia branded components. With its groovy hydro-forming and ace puzzle piece paint job, this bike is sure to impress under informed shoppers as an example of cutting edge Italian design (a term that has become synonymous with outsourcing).

To be fair, although this is something I rarely do, this bike is a cut above your base model Bottecchia BS 100 – the bike with the black paint intended to look like carbon fibre from a great distance. The puzzle paint scheme is kind of nearly attractive, although the whole package is let down by the hopeless looking wheels.

Bottecchia’s marketing team, keen to emphasize the Italian heritage of such imported high markup items, will be glad to see that the You Tube poster has included their pride and joy in a series of equivalent products from the company’s competitors – products like the De rosa Idol, the Pinarello Prince, and most of the current Colnago range… 😛

Plus there’s a trippy 90’s retro rave soundtrack.

Be proud, be Bottecchia


Bottecchia on You Tube 1

June 9, 2008

Be amazed as super cool Italians proudly demonstrate the performance of their Bottecchia city-bike. It pedals, it goes around in a circle, and it stops. Fantastico!


No doping at Giro d’Italia this year

June 3, 2008

Except for the CSF Navigare Guy

who got caught the month before

Richeze last season

Ariel Maximiliano Richeze in better times

Now that the Giro has finished for another year, with the victory of Alberto Contador, the race’s management has been celebrating what they believe to have been a massive success. There were a series of spectacular mountain stages, high ratings on tv, and above all no doping cases. Well, except for Ariel Maximiliano Richeze, the Argentinian sprinter for super team CSF-Navigare who failed a test three weeks before the start of the Giro.

Although the squad had to start a man short, CSF-Navigare went on to massive success all the same. The clean team pulled off four big stage wins, including three of the mountain stages with Emanuele Sella. There is no doubt that Richeze’s erstwhile teammates were the surprise of the year. All of the drug-free riders for CSF-Navigare pulled off some spectacular feats in the mountains and were involved in most of the big breakaways. Fantastic.

The star system

The Italian press, always on the lookout for startling feats of heroism and courage, jumped on the Sella bandwagon en masse. Since the decline and subsequent death of Marco Pantani, an icon still mourned with numerous banners along the roads of the Giro, the local cycling journalists have been keen to grasp on to a new star to keep the tifosi interested in the sport. I’ve been told that the circulation of the specialist cycling magazines collapsed after the doubts began about Pantani.

The problem, of course, has been that every hero they nominate as his replacement has ended up in the mud too. Over the past few years, as I’ve had the chance to follow the races in Italy through my work with a major cycling tour agency, almost every rider praised to the hilt by the commentators on RAI tv has ended up in trouble.

Rai hype about Emanuele Sella as seen by his new fans: